Early November work.

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10 volunteers worked around Cobh this morning. 18 bags of litter were gathered from the beach at Carrigaloe. The boats at Carrigaloe were replanted and older plants were pruned. Flower boxes at Ticknock Hill were replanted, having been in colourful bloom for so many months. The Burma steps were cleaned. The approach roads were picked of litter. During the week 2 of our volunteers spoke to some of the students in Carrignafoy Community College. They are working towards their first Green flag this year.The group later did a great job cleaning up litter around the environs of the school. Along with removing a lot of invasive ivy from some of the walls on the High Road, Jim and Darren did an outstanding job on capping the wall where it was damaged on the High Road too.”The stone walls of Cobh are as integral to the built heritage of the town as the water to its maritime history……. The conservation of the walled heritage of Cobh justifies your existence. – National Tidy Towns adjudication report for Cobh 2012.

Well done to Darren and Jim who completed three days of skilled and hard work to reinstate the capping on a large section of stone wall on the High Road. The original capping had completely disintegrated allow water to seep into the fabric of the wall, which would lead to its eventual collapse. In association with the property owners these walls are now presentable and secure for at least another 100 years!

A very productive week for a “quiet” time of the year for Tidy Towns!

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